LC T-WAVE – Questioning my polygamy.

I close my eyes. I rest my head against the wall behind me. My fingers move blindly in their best effort to capture what I so vividly remember:

Wave. A pounding of the heart. Wave. A breath of air. Wave. My eyes affix the first daisies of last spring as I am moving upwards. Wave. Accelerated by the potential energy in the beauty beneath me, suspended by nothing but the firm belief that I am not yet in heaven. Wave. A sensation. Wave. I have never been calm in my entire life. Wave. This is as close as I will ever get to it. Wave. Nearing the top of the bounce. Wave. Weightlessness approaches. Wave. It engulfs. Wave. I embrace it. Wave. There it is. Stillness.

Before we dwell any further into my thoughts during slacklining, let one thing be said. And let it be said very clearly: This is my favourite webbing.*

*Suspecting that this won’t come across quite as clearly as I would like it too, let me rephrase: I am not a great fan of monogamy, but my 100m piece of T-Wave is the main contender for a „And they lived happily ever after“-ending.

„Why is that?“, you ask, and for the sake of this article, let us assume I can telepathically hear and answer your question, so I say: „Peasant!, have you not heard your master’s words? This webbing was bestowed upon us by the deity of bounce and sagginess.“*

*Third commandment applies.

I might have gone a little overboard with this already, so let’s get back to the actual review. T-Wave is Landcruising’s Wave (tubular polyamide) threaded with their 19mm Tape (flat polyamide). It is a pretty snug fit, which is why there are very few long pieces of it. I got sensationally lucky to buy 100m from Matthias Held (THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!) ages ago and this might be the longest piece there is, since the threading process is devastatingly laborious. Another reason for the lack of widespread T-Wave usage might be the high price.

Aside from being difficult to purchase, it is also difficult to walk. On second thought, one should add a few VERYs. It might be the most difficult line out there, although this title is probably one that can’t be generally agreed upon. A less controversial way of putting it: This line doesn’t ask for your permission to go somewhere. It is a rabid bronco, trying to shake you off. It is Atlas, only reversed.

And that is not the end of it! It is difficult to pretension, difficult to transport, difficult to review, difficult to set up.. All in all, it is NOT very easy. However, it has round edges. Not perfectly round, because during some catches the inner edges (of the 19mm tape) want to bite you through the outer tube, but still very nice to highline on. Waterlining is something I can only recommend, if you don’t mind pain. Better yet, don’t feel pain. The T-Wave is rather heavy by itself, but if there’s water inside the tube it becomes otherworldly heavy. Catching fully soaked T-Wave is not a question of edge sharpness, but one of shoulder joint strength, because it develops so much momentum that it is hard to hold on without getting your arm torn off.

After all these difficulties, you are left with the best possible option to connect 2 weblocks together. It is joy resublimated. This webbing gives you everything you want. More bounce? MORE BOUNCE! More surf? MORE SURF! It never ever stops. Unless you fall. And you will. Often. But it is worth it. Absolutely worth it. No longline webbing matches this raw unsuppressable power.


Sometimes I wonder, what is there to like about a line that doesn’t want to be walked. That doesn’t want to be controlled. A 2-dimensional raging sea, daring to be crossed. But then again, isn’t this what we do? We fight. We fall. We control. We persevere. We conquer. Not only the line, but ourselves as well. The harder the fight, the greater the reward.

After walking T-Wave everything else will feel grey. A little dead. As if the entire world had lost colour. But you get used to it. Soon you’ll enjoy other lines. Surf and bounce them. You will catch yourself thinking: „Oh wow!, this webbing is quite springy!“

But then you remember. And you hear it. Whispering at first. As it becomes louder and louder, you feel your body trembling. Shaking. It calls for you. Wave. It wants you. Wave. It needs you. Wave. And your life will never be the same.

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