Superstrings! – My multiplier reset cord

Another reference to theoretical physics. Could there be a better way to begin another rainy day article?

Recently I exchanged my multiplier reset sling (12mm flat nylon, 22kN, 120cm) for a multiplier reset cord (7mm nylon, 13kN, 120cm) and I must confess, it is quite an insignificant change. The cord was originally used to test the Valdotain and was flying around in my room for some while until I decided to address the problem and take it with me on an adventure..

Turns out, the cord is actually tremendously more versatile than the stupid sling! Here are some of the new ways I used the multiplier reset cord today:

As a LineGrip to pretension my longline with a Buckingham!
Note: My static rope (25m) was way too short to rig 65m of tubular nylon, that is why I had to improvise a little. The 6-wrap Prusik worked best. I also tried some other friction hitches, but they didn’t really want to do the job. The Klemmheist performed exceptionally poorly. For additional volume I used a sling (also tubular nylon), which will later perform as the anchor point for the VT brake. Try doing that with a rigging plate, ha!

As a progress capture pulley!
Note: My pulley system was already fully extended to the point that the end of the rope was just exiting the last pulley sheave. This ‚conversion-kit‘ works brilliantly. So good in fact, that I would recommend this for anyone who uses a conventional camming brake (GriGri, Eddy, etc.). Just pull as hard as you can and install the brake afterwards.

As a 7:1 base system!
Note: This trick works for everyone who uses a brake with a pulley. Either a friction hitch (like I did here), a TRAXION, the Roll’n’Lock or the MPD. A 7:1 base is often sufficient to rig decent longlines. Also, if you’re lazy like I am, just tie the static rope to your car and tension your line in 30 seconds. Awesome!

As a back-up!

Note: This is not a substantial back-up. The rope might be able to hold the entire tension of the system, but the small carabiner is only rated to 6.5kN. This is more of an aesthetical addition ;D

As a non-exploding-tension-release-system!
Note: This is how I release with the VT. A Munter at the front pulley and an ascender to compress the friction hitch. Super smooth, super quick, super rope-friendly.

As a multiplier reset cord!
Note: Probably not noteworthy.

What an exciting day it was! If you have any ideas for more ways to use the multiplier reset cord, contact us directly or leave a comment!
Note: Always use tree-protection and educate the public!

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