To be honest, I am not very good with relationships. They are all great fun in the beginning, but after a while, they just don’t work out anymore. At first, it’s all exciting and new and shiny. You put in a lot of effort, but it feels good. I don’t know, it’s just smooth. And then, you start to notice the first frays. Everything seems a little off. As if the colours were fading. There’s no more of that excitement and sense of novelty you experienced during the earlier days.

You know it’s only going to be downhill from now. But that is okay. You don’t mind. There are all these memories, all the moments you shared, the adventures. That one time in the rain! Where did all of that go? This is when you notice that something is smelling a little fishy and you know..

It’s time for a new webbing!

And here comes the real challenge: Which one?

If you want this question answered, look no further! We have tested (almost) all nylon webbings commercially available on this planet and here is one of our absolute favourites:

This flat nylon webbing is sold by the polish slackline company SLACKHOUSE and it’s positively fabulous! Take a look at the website, if you understand polish. I don’t, but that doesn’t matter much, since the people behind SLACKHOUSE speak very good english and are quick to response to any and all slackline-related inquiries. We ordered our 100m piece late October and it was delivered to Germany in 3 days. Customer service was splendid and the XL Tree-Shirts (tree protection) are easily the best of it’s kind. And they come in 9 different colours! And one of them is purple!! GO BUY THAT NOW!

Back to the webbing..

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to review slacklines. And it’s really difficult. There is so much more to webbing than the set of stats, which are usually on display on the website. It’s not about weight per metre. Not about stretch at 10kN. Not about price. Slacklines are much more than that. They are soft and sharp, are supple and stiff, smooth and rough. They wobble and wiggle, they sway and swing, they are calm and composed or ferocious and fierce. Slacklines are what makes you want to slackline. And Rubber Band is a slackline that makes you want to slackline.

I won’t tell you, why you need a flat nylon webbing. I’ll just assume you all desperately need one. That’s why we will look at some of the more wide spread and well known options here and compare it to the Rubber Band:

Rubber Band Type-18 Flash Sonic Passion
MBS in kN 30 35 30 34 30
Weight in g/m 63 62 61 68 69
% @ 10kN 14 14 11 13 12
Price in €/m 1.25 2.69 1.48 2.29 2.2

In terms of strength, they are all above 30kN. Weight is pretty similar as well, with Sonic and Passion being slightly heavier and thicker as well. This makes the two nicer to catch than the others, with Flash being definitely the sharpest followed by Type-18. Rubber Band is fairly thick and the weave is very wide/open/rough, therefore the edges are very nice unless you go crazy with the tension. Rubber Band is definitely the stretchiest of all flat nylon webbings. By a margin, I would say. Type 18 comes in second and the rest is slightly less stretchy but still pretty nice! The biggest difference on paper between all webings is probably the price. Rubber Band costs only half as much as Type-18 (those 2 are the most similar ones of the five) and is still significantly cheaper than all other webbings.

One might say that the price is the biggest reason why one should get Rubber Band, but really, it isn’t. The webbing is amazing. It can easily compete with Sonic and Type-18 in terms of walking experience. I’ve rarely seen such unanimously positive feedback on any webbing. Everyone who put their feet on my piece of Rubber Band loved it. It is ridiculous. For such a long time, I’ve tried not to say that Sonic is the best overall webbing out there and now it might actually not be irrational to do so. If you are on any kind of budget, the Rubber Band is the webbing for you. And it’s also one that is still quite rare. Unrightfully so.

If you’re looking for a highline specific webbing, or something to play around on in the park, this is one of the best choices out there. This webbing will not disappoint, I promise. The only mistake you can make is to buy a piece that is too long. You will want to keep the tension low to get the most fun out of it. My piece was 100m long (way tooooo much) and we cut it in 45m and 55m. I kept the 45m and that has proven itself to be the perfect length for me. I can rig 30-40m in the park with a soft-release and use it for highlines of the same length.

The Rubber Band is fantastic. If this review was written on paper, you’d see how many tears I shed, because my knee is fucked up again and I can’t go slack on it..
12185517_828248427273157_2540003347300722107_oWe have more reviews on the Flash, T-Wave and a bunch of tubular webbings! Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks and as always:

IMG_7068Back shit up!

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