SOFT RELEASE – Maximum power!

Let me show you what I bring to the park when I go slacklining:


Yeah. That’s 2 treepros, 60m of Helium, 12m soft release webbing with a sewn loop and a small bag with a LC sticker on it. Inside that little bag are my slings, my weblocks and all the hardware needed to rig a 60m line. For real:


And you don’t even need a 12m piece. It could be 8m and still be plenty for this webbing. Now, before I go explaining how awesome this kit is, let me put up some specs:

The total price for this kit is:  331€

The total weight of this kit is: 4,7kg

That includes everything you see in that picture. Half of the weight is from the 60m webbing alone. The price tag might look a little threatening, but consider the price of similar kits! Simply put, there is no kit with comparable functionality at the same weight. You might get a similarly lightweight kit, if you throw the weblocks out and just tie knots in your webbing, but that’s not really a great solution either. If you want a to rig a proper line, this is as light as it’s going to get. A sewn loop on one end would help in reducing both cost and weight, but that always feels like cheating.


I see a lot of people running around with LineGrips and Hangovers and although they are light, they are also really, really expensive. But you need a soft-release anyways?! So, I recommend getting a proper soft-release with an Airbow shackle and just using that to tension as well. The Airbow is great, because it’s light and has high sidewalls. You don’t have to go with the Lynx 4, other weblocks (EQB Sheriff or the SeaHorse) have the same functionality, but that will increase the weight. For the softrelease webbing you can use any ~20kN webbing with a stitched eye. The protective cover is actually not really helpful, since it tangles up the softrelease sometimes, so I would just remove it. If you’re super low budget you can also tie a double bowline instead of having a stitched loop. 8-12m is about the right length for most applications.

Pulling by yourself, you can get 3kN with no effort and up to 4kN, if you really mean it. I wouldn’t recommend pulling with several people, because that will fuck up your softrelease webbing really quickly.. I rigged lines up to 140m (with natural sag, duh..) and up to 80m above flat ground (low-stretch webbing with 2.5m anchors). You can get plenty of tension for all lengths of highlines.

*Don’t use the Slackline-Tools slings for your highlines, they are weak!!

Here you can find a video with some more tips from Philipp and some slackaction from Marc, who shot and edited all our videos!!

If you look super closely, you can find a hint on the next article!!

We recently tried out some new slings and rescued a teddy. If you like our lightweight kit, there are some more on our website: The super primitive and the cord primitive!!

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